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Welcome to Thompson’s Whitetail Taxidermy. 

Hello, my name is Paul Thompson, founder, operator, and owner of Thompson’s Whitetail Taxidermy, LLC. 


I grew up in South Eastern Michigan and was blessed to have a father that took my brothers and I hunting and fishing when we became of age to own a hunting license, or when ever we had our work in the barn done.  We have many memories of the Minden State Game area on weekends when deer were few, and days when we were the only ones in the swamp. What stories we can tell of Dad and his follies. My dad also loved going to the shooting range. We would go at least once a month. These are some of my favorite memories. I loved shooting shotguns, rifles, and all different types of guns with my father down at the shooting range.


I remember shooting my first ar15 with an extended stock on it with my uncle, boy was that a good memory down at the range. My dad never liked the high powered rifle such as the AR15 but my uncle had such a cool one. I remember him having one of the best ar15 uppers at that time and I thought it was the coolest thing ever.

My dad preferred the classic ruger 10/22 rifle as his weapon of choice and I soon followed in his footsteps. It was the perfect gun to use while hunting, I remember my first elk with my dad.

Well Dad is gone now and all we have are memories and three antler plaques of the small bucks that Dad shot that I keep on the walls of my shop.

I understand what your mount will mean to you, and then to your kids in years down the road. I would like to not just mount your trophy, but to preserve your greatest and fondest memories.

My taxidermy life began in my late teens, ordering taxidermy books from the Fur, Fish, and Game magazine. I spent more time trapping and hunting than learning taxidermy, and never followed through. I started the itch back up when my son at the age of fourteen, shot his first buck. I told him that we would have it mounted, but never thought that it would be me doing it. I cut my teeth on my own mounts before I did work for friends and family. 

I have studied nonstop through books, manuals, videos, dvd’s, literally everyday since I started in the fall of 2002. I subscribe to two of the top latest taxidermy publications that I devour and read the same day they come in the mail. I have a taxidermist mentor by the name of Jimmy Block in Tonawanda, New York that has guided, coached, taught and encouraged me through my mistakes and accomplishments. Without his help, I would not have my quest of hunger for knowledge, skill, and the never-ending desire for better quality and continuous improvement in my taxidermy world.

I am compliant with the State of Michigan in being licensed to perform taxidermy.  I am a member of the Michigan State Taxidermy Association and in my first competition in the spring of 2005; I received a blue ribbon in the Novice Division with a Whitetail shoulder mount. While at the Annual State association, I sat in on demonstrations and lectures from some of the States, and Nation’s top taxidermist. 

I will continue to strive to be on the cutting edge in the ways of modern taxidermy, and the techniques used today.

My commitment to you is to use the best materials available to preserve your trophies. You will receive a leather mount that will be tanned by me. It never leaves the shop. I will work on 1 mount at a time to give it the attention that it deserves. I work on a first come, first served basis. I have references from past customers if you wish to call, just for the asking.

Thank you for visiting, please click around and take a peek at my work before you leave and feel free to leave me a note or question.

Thank you for visiting.
Paul Thompson

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Here are just a few of our collection of Thompsons White Tail Taxidermy. We have many more in our collection. Although these are some of our favorite pieces.

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